Angry Birds 2 Free Gems: Cheats Updated 2023 (2023)

Angry Birds 2 Free Gems: Cheats Updated 2023 (1)

Do you want to get Angry Birds 2 gems for free? Look no further, we have put together the best methods or alternatives to get this resource without spending a single penny.

Due to the success that Angry Birds has had over time, they have decided to launch their second installment. In which you will find new settings, birds and abilities that promise hours of fun.

However, there are many users who usually abandon the game since they do not have enough gems and pearls to advance in the game much faster, since they must go through the box to acquire this course.

For that reason we have decided to help you through our guide with the best ways to get Angry Birds 2 gems. Would you like to know more about it? If your answer is yes, stay with us until the end.

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1 What is Angry Birds 2 about?

1.1 What are the gems and pearls for in Angry Birds 2?

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3 Free gem generator for Angry Birds 2

3.1 How to use the online resource generator?

4 Angry Birds 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems and Pearls) 2023

5 List of codes to obtain gems and pearls April 2023

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6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1 How can I redeem the codes in Angry Birds 2?

6.2 Is there a usage limit on the generator?

What is Angry Birds 2 about?

It is one of the most popular games today, in which you can connect with millions of players around the world. In order to form teams and level up on the leaderboard.

Start by evolving and powering up the skills in your army to face multiple daily challenges that will grant you amazing rewards. Just like in its first installment, you'll have to launch your birds to knock down various structures and overcome each of the scenarios.

Angry Birds 2 Free Gems: Cheats Updated 2023 (2)

Enjoy a much more complete delivery, Angry Birds 2 ensures you a unique and very fun experience. Well, you can dress up your birds or collect silly hats to impress the big eagle.

Likewise, this installment has added a micropayment system to acquire gems and pearls easily and instantly. However, there is still a way to get these resources in an unlimited way without having to check out.

What are the gems and pearls for in Angry Birds 2?

These resources are responsible for bringing much more fun to the game, as it allows you to get various benefits such as better drivers or unlock new characters. But, like in most games?freemium? it is important to pay in order to achieve the objectives of the game with full success.

Simply put, gems and pearls will help you level up faster and get birds, accessories, power-ups, and other items in the store. For that reason, users are forced to find ways to have these resources without having to pay for them.

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How to get free gems in Angry Birds 2

On the internet we can find various ways to get free Angry Birds gems, some of them are totally legal and allowed by the game moderators.

On the other hand, there are other not so honest methods to obtain this resource, of course, we recommend you get them through the official methods.

Angry Birds 2 Free Gems: Cheats Updated 2023 (3)

Next, we will show you quickly and in detail some of the options available to earn free gems in Angry Birds 2.

Link your Facebook account

By connecting your Facebook account to Angry Birds 2, you will be able to unlock a new achievement called ?Welcome to the gang? which allows you to double the amount of gems you receive. Also, you can send gifts to your friends to earn much more free gems.

Another positive aspect of connecting your Facebook account with the game is that you will have access to your friends' ratings to see who has been the best in each scenario. This in order to encourage you to overcome them and be the best player in your area.

Complete daily challenges

When you enter Angry Birds 2 you will find new missions every day, which you can review through the button in the center of the board on the main screen of the game. Here you will find several activities that will grant you multiple rewards if you manage to complete them successfully.

This is one of the simplest and fastest ways to get a juicy amount of this resource. Now what can you win between 1 and 10 gems in just 20 minutes and you can even do up to 20 activities a day.

Don't skip the ad

At the end of a level in Angry Birds 2, you will be shown a 30-second advertising video, wait for the ad to end, because in this way you will get a extra life.

Even though you can't get free gems With this method, you can get an extra attempt to clear a stage in exchange for 30 seconds of your time.

Free gem generator for Angry Birds 2

If what you are looking for is a way to get free gems and pearls in Angry Birds almost instantly, then you should use the online resource generator. Which is capable of connecting to the game servers and circumventing their security through encrypted data.

In this way, you can get the amount of free gems and pearls you want for your account. However, you must be very careful when using this tool, since several pages that offer this service often contain false information that can put your privacy and that of your device at risk.

Angry Birds 2 Free Gems: Cheats Updated 2023 (4)

Don't worry! We have given ourselves the task of bringing a totally safe and, above all, functional tool. So you won't have to go through headaches searching among so many options.

How to use the online resource generator?

Making use of this tool is easier than it seems, but if this is your first time using a resource generator, follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the gem generator by pressing the button shown below
  • Write your username
  • Select the amount of gems to generate
  • Click on ?Trigger?
  • Brilliant! Now you can enjoy unlimited resources

Angry Birds 2 Gem Generator

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Angry Birds 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems and Pearls) 2023

Another alternative to get Angry Birds 2 gems for free is through its unofficial version, which is an application modified by third parties. In this way, you will be able to access endless resources and premium content.

Without a doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to get free pearls and gems in this installment of Angry Birds, but keep in mind that since it is an unofficial version, you can get banned by the game's moderators.

Angry Birds 2 Free Gems: Cheats Updated 2023 (5)

Taking this into account, you will have to download a file from an unknown source, that is, it is not found in official stores. Therefore, before installing it, you must go to the settings section of your device and enable this option, which you can find in ?permissions?

One thing we need to mention is that when you search for apk on Google, you will be shown a lot of websites that offer this app. However, some of them do not work and only seek to monetize through your visit or download.

To avoid possible inconvenience and waste of time, we have brought a direct link to download Angry Birds 2 infinite gems.

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK

List of codes to obtain gems and pearls April 2023

One of the easiest methods to get free gems and pearls in Angry Birds 2 is using the coupons or promotional codes. Which we will keep constantly updating so that you get multiple rewards from time to time.

We will try to keep the list with available and functional codes, you must be quick, since they can stop working at any time.

Without further delay, we leave you with the list:

  • 5R7WSD5ZKA
  • A2352DFDZQ
  • GCAV428S7Z
  • ZZHS744GGK
  • N873HRZ3VJ
  • KG773MSJVX
  • R7W5QPCV6H

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are about to finish but before, we will leave you with our frequently asked questions section in order to answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that these questions have been compiled from various forums on the web. In case you have a separate question, you can leave it in the comment box.

How can I redeem the codes in Angry Birds 2?

Claim the rewards you promotional codes that Angry Birds has for you is nothing from another world. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Copy the coupon you want to redeem
  • Enter the in-game store and make a purchase
  • You will be shown the option to enter the code
  • Once this is done, they will be added to the shopping cart
  • It's as simple as that, now you will have the code activated in your account

Is there a usage limit on the generator?

You must be quite clear that as it is an unofficial alternative to get Angry Birds 2 gems for free, you cannot expose yourself by abusing the tool, since you run the risk of being permanently banned.

Therefore, the online generator has a limit of 24 hours. Even so, you should not worry, you will be able to obtain unlimited resources as many times as you want.

Enjoy Angry Birds 2 without limits!

We have reached the end of the article, which means that you now know the best methods to get Angry Birds 2 Gems Free. We hope that the information in this guide is to your liking and, above all, of great help.

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What do you think? Tell us in the comment boxYour opinion is of great interest to our work team.

In turn, we invite you to continue browsing our web portal, we will try to keep you up to date with the best tricks and tips to get resources of the most popular games for mobile devices.

See you another time, until next time!

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What is the fastest way to get Gems in Angry Birds 2? ›

The quickest way to earn Gems fast is to simply purchase them with real-world money, but that's not something a lot of gamers want to do. By using in-game mechanics, you can increase the amount of Gems you earn in Angry Birds Evolution. Completing Achievements is an excellent way to earn Gems quickly.

Is there a pattern to Angry Birds 2 elevator? ›

There is no real pattern to it. If you think the pig cannot be in the same spot more than 2 times, that is a matter of luck.

How do you fly in Angry Birds 2? ›

If you have never played the event on your device, it will guide you wih a tutorial. You have to hold on the screen so the hatchling can fly. When you let go, the hatchling will drop. You keep holding until you crash.

How to get free spells in Angry Birds 2? ›

You can get the spells as rewards in chests, and you can only pick one of each spell into a run. There are 5 spells: The Golden Duck drops from the sky and can knock down buildings and pop pigs! The Blizzard turns all the buildings into ice.

What is the most powerful angry bird in Angry Birds 2? ›


In the Angry Birds series, Terence is called the Big Bird and the most powerful in the main flock.

Who is the strongest extra bird in Angry Birds 2? ›

Bubbles is definitely a much better option between the two, and Stella is about the same level. Personally, I think Bubbles can create chaos a bit more, while Stella is more suited for cleaning up, although she can start a level if need be.

Can you unlock all the extra birds in Angry Birds 2? ›

Remember that whichever bird you choose can only be unlocked once. The extra birds behave a bit different from the usual flock: They get unlocked by special keys. Just like the rest of the flock, you can find the keys in the level map and choose which bird to unlock.

What is free birds token in Angry Birds 2? ›

What are free bird tokens and how do I use them? These tokens can give you three free birds in a run when you need them the most! You can win them as a reward in different places in the game and, when you run out of birds, you can use them instead of having to pay gems.

What is jackpot egg in Angry Birds 2? ›

The Jackpot Egg is an amazing reward you can get on the highest floor of the Tower of Fortune. If you're lucky and choose the card with the Jackpot Egg, you can get many prizes in one single egg! The rewards are different every day including a legendary hat (one you don't own) and thousands of feathers!

How do you avoid pigs in Tower of Fortune? ›

To avoid this risk, the player can exit the tower at any time on any floor with all of their loot. Even if the player picks a pig card, they may pay gems to keep their rewards and continue.

Is the Tower of Fortune Express ticket worth it? ›

Express Ticket: This is a super special ticket that allows you to start the Tower of Fortune from the 20th floor! And the best part of it is that the rewards also jump all the way to level 20 so you will start collecting better rewards right on floor 20!

Is Zeta a girl Angry Birds 2? ›

Zeta is the main antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's 19th feature film The Angry Birds Movie 2. She is the ruler of Eagle Island, and the archenemy of Red and Silver and also Mighty Eagle's ex-fiancée-turned-wife, leader of her Faction of Eagles on Eagle Island as well as Debbie's mother.

What is the biggest angry bird? ›

Terence is a mystery. He is the largest of all the birds and uses his brawn when needed. He communicates only in deep, guttural growls and groans. His brooding presence in the community has everyone a little afraid.

What does the GREY bird do in Angry Birds 2? ›

Silver has a similar ability to Poppy and Tony. However, Silver does a 360 degree loop before plummeting down, which allows players more freedom to hit certain structures. The only way to get a Silver plush is either from the Angry Birds 2 competition (which already ended) or on retail websites such as

How is Angry Birds code? ›

Angry Birds Code is based on a type of coding called turtle coding, a type of coding designed for beginners that involves controlling a "turtle" (which is a triangle, or in this case, Red) to get to a specific goal; unlike, more advanced coding programs, turtle coding utilizes pseudocode, a type of coding that is more ...

What does the black bird do in Angry Birds 2? ›

The black bird, Bomb, can explode and destroy any materials. His ability will be activated in a short while after he hits the blocks or the ground, or when you press trigger after flinging it.

How to play unlimited Angry Birds? ›

You can earn unlimited lives for two hours by getting a special offer after making an in-app purchase. If you have one or more lives, you can play the level. If you fail the level or press the quit button (doesn't happen on Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds POP!

Who is the fastest angry bird? ›

The fastest bird on Bird Island, Chuck thinks, talks, and moves extremely quickly, sometimes too quickly for his own good.

What is the hardest angry bird? ›

3-Star Score

Danger Above 6-12 is the 12th level of Danger Above and the 117th level of Angry Birds. This level is marked one of the hardest levels in the game.

Is Angry Birds a girl or boy? ›

Like the team that designed it, the original flock of Angry Birds was mostly male. The sole exception was Matilda, the white bird that drops eggs when you tap the screen. In August 2012, a second female bird was introduced in the Angry Birds universe.

What is the weakest bird in Angry Birds? ›

Blue Bird - Although Blue birds are the weakest of the angry birds they have the ability to separate into three separate birds when fired in the air. Due to their relative weakness they are best used to destroy glass.

Which is the best Angry Bird to unlock? ›

  • Mighty Eagle (Destroys everything it cans no matter what. ...
  • Big Brother Bird (Destroys everything as it can).
  • Black Bomb Bird (Destroys Stone Only but bombs in rage).
  • Blu ONLY! ...
  • Boomerang Bird (Destroys the back of the building, like ambushing).
  • Yellow Bird (Destroys Wood and speeds up ONLY).

Who is the best player in Angry Birds 2? ›

Angry Birds 2
Ranking #Google Play Username
46 more rows

What is the fastest bird in Angry Birds? ›

Yellow bird, Chuck is the fastest bird on Bird Island – he thinks fast, talks fast and moves even faster. While his impulsive nature and endless commentary often lands him in hot water, he's usually able to get out of that water, fast.

Who is the smartest bird in Angry Birds? ›

Silver is a bird that has grown among the devilish pigs. She is super smart and can create the most terrifying gadgets you can imagine, using only a few tools.

Who is the angriest angry bird? ›

The angriest of them all. Following the events of the first film, Red is the undisputed hero of Bird Island, a badge of honor he wears proudly.

What happens if you don't feed your bird in Angry Birds 2? ›

If you don't feed the hatchling, it'll get hungry and eventually leave to find a place where it can get food. If it leaves, your hatchling boost multiplier will reset and you'll get a new egg in case you want to start over. To prevent this, you just have to show your hatchling some love and feed it every day!

What is the pink angry bird power? ›

Original Series. Like Bomb, Bubbles and the Ice Bird, Stella's ability is activated when the screen is tapped, or after a couple of seconds after striking an object. When activated, the Pink Bird will surround itself in a bubble, which will expand after a few seconds.

Why was Angry Birds 2 removed? ›

Rovio Games removes the paid game to support its free-to-play portfolio. We may earn a commission from links on this page. Rovio Games announced yesterday that it will remove the paid version of the app from the Google Play Store “due to the game's impact on our wider games portfolio” on Thursday, February 23.

Can I level down my hatchling in Angry Birds 2? ›

Your hatchling will also change colour every time you level up. You can choose to level up or not when your meals are full or keep them at the same level. If your hatchling runs away you go back to level 0 and no hatchling bonus for your flock.

What are the haunted coins used for in Angry Birds 2? ›

The Event Shop is a shop that appears in the game when Rovio holds special events. When the events take place, players can use Event Coins to purchase special items from the shop, such as Rainbow Feathers, Tower of Fortune tickets, Free Token Birds, etc.

What does pig bird do Angry Birds 2? ›

This pig has a flamethrower, which it will use to shoot flames at nearby birds.
Expandv • e
AlbumsAngry Birds 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)
9 more rows

Do the Angry Birds eggs ever hatch? ›

Features and abilities

The eggs are used by birds for reproduction; after some time, the eggs will eventually hatch, and a newborn bird, known as a hatchling, will emerge from it. Normally, one single hatchling will emerge from an egg, though hatchlings such as the triplets Jake, Jay and Jim emerged from the same egg.

What does the pig with the beard do in Angry Birds 2? ›

As part of The Angry Birds Movie 2 event, Leonard was introduced into the game as an Extra "Bird" alongside Stella, Hal, and Bubbles. His ability in this game is to launch a snot bomb at his target, which then sends him flying in the opposite direction (like Hal).

Who is the egg girl in Angry Birds? ›

Originally, Matilda is an egg-shaped bird who was covered in white feathers. She has a large, oval beak, two small eyes, yellow spots on her cheeks, and three short, black feathers on her head and on her tail. This design was common until 2013, and it has become rare since then.

Can pigs clear woodland? ›

Although using pigs to clear land is a slower method, they are able to simultaneously rototill and fertilize with ease regardless of the terrain.

How do you scare pigs away? ›

There are a few pig repellents that can be used to keep them out of the yard when local problems are small and not too extreme. The options include bad tasting liquid sprays, water sprayers and sound repellers. The water and sound are designed to “spook” them away by making them feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Can anything stop the big pig invasion? ›

To stop the invasion, land managers need two critical weapons. The first weapon needed is an easy-to-move hog trap. Trapping is the most effective method used for sounder removal so the right hog trap makes all the difference. The most important characteristic is it's easy to move from one location to another.

Is ESB Express Pass worth it? ›

Express Pass is Worth It

Several guests even went so far as to suggest that the Express Pass is an absolute must. According to many visitors, the lines can get pretty long during busy seasons and this is an excellent option to skip those lines and get to the observation deck as quickly as possible.

What are the odds of getting the angry birds on the Tower of Fortune? ›

That's a 1.6% chance.

How to get fortune tickets? ›

Wheel of Fortune: how to get Fortune Tickets

Once you reach level 11, the Wheel of Fortune (City Sights tab of the Shop) becomes available. Complete the quests to build it, get Fortune Tickets, spin it, and get lots of different gifts!

Are silver and red dating? ›

Afterwards, Red credits Silver and the entire team for saving the islands, and as a result finds himself being even more beloved for his honesty and selflessness. While the rest of the birds, pigs, and eagles celebrate Zeta and Mighty Eagle's marriage, Silver and Red start a relationship.

What is Mighty Eagle's real name? ›

Ethan "Mighty" Eagle is the overarching protagonist of the 2016 animated comedy film, The Angry Birds Movie and the tritagonist Sony Pictures Animation's 23rd feature film The Angry Birds Movie 2. In these films, his full name is Ethan.

Who is Red's girlfriend in Angry Birds 2? ›

Silver (voiced by Rachel Bloom) is Chuck's younger sister who attends Avian Academy and helps defeat Zeta from destroying both Bird and Piggy Island. She later becomes Red's girlfriend.

How do you get free apples in Angry Birds 2? ›

In Angry Birds 2, they are used to feed your hatchling daily. As a reward for doing so, you are rewarded with Rainbow Feathers to apply to any of your birds to level them up. The apples are gained by completing the Daily Challenge, King Pig Panic!, opening chests and playing the tower of fortune.

How do people score so high in Angry Birds 2? ›

Using the right bird for the job can make a lot of difference in destroying the structures and the piggies, which in turn will bring your scores up. The more damage you cause, the more points you get. The selected bird will be placed on the slingshot, ready to be flung.

How do you get all the extra birds in Angry Birds 2? ›

To unlock the extra birds, you need to collect special keys available on the map. Remember that whichever bird you choose can only be unlocked once. The extra birds behave a bit different from the usual flock: They get unlocked by special keys.

Can you get banned in Angry Birds 2? ›

Why Was I Banned? In Angry Birds 2, we expect our players to play fairly, honestly, and respectfully. To that end, we have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating or abusive behavior in the game.

What is the max birds in Angry Birds 2? ›

Steven Lucas the max bird level is 170. Once you reach that level, feathers continue to add to your bird and keep adding until they release another set of levels. Those feathers you had go towards the next set of level released.

Who is the fastest character in Angry Birds? ›

Chuck is the fastest bird on Bird Island – he thinks fast, talks fast and moves even faster.

Who is the strongest Angry Birds 2? ›

Bomb. Strength: Bomb is one of the strongest birds when he faces stone, as he can shatter a max of four blocks before blowing up. When he blows up, the explosion can destroy almost every material in a small blast radius.

What is the hardest Angry Birds 2 level? ›

3-Star Score

Danger Above 6-12 is the 12th level of Danger Above and the 117th level of Angry Birds. This level is marked one of the hardest levels in the game.

Which bird is best in Angry Birds 2? ›

Big Red Bird (Terrance)

Terrance uses his size to his advantage and can blast through any of the three materials straight off the slingshot, no activation required.

Does Angry Birds 2 have swear words? ›

Sexual Content: A Characters joke about mating season and the nakedness of the pigs. Profanity: A No profanity, but lots of “butt” jokes and uses of words like “crap”, “heck” and some elementary school style insults.

Is Angry Birds 2 inappropriate? ›

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is an animated comedy that will appeal to Angry Birds fans. This movie has some adult concepts and a lot of slapstick violence. Therefore, we don't recommend it for children aged under five years. Also, we recommend parental guidance for children aged 5-7 years.


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