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When it comes to navigating the legal system in Missouri, having access to reliable information is crucial. Luckily, is here to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that offers an array of valuable services. From searching for case records to staying updated on court proceedings, this article will explore the power and usefulness of for all Missourians.

  1. What is is an online portal that serves as a centralized database for Missouri's state courts. It offers free public access to a wide range of court-related information, including case records, party information, and upcoming court dates. This powerful tool is designed to promote transparency and provide easy access to legal information for both professionals and the general public.

  2. Navigating the website Upon visiting, users are greeted with a simple and intuitive interface. The website's search function allows users to search for case records using various parameters, such as case number, party name, and attorney name. Additionally, users can browse through different court divisions and access relevant information for each.

  3. Accessing case records One of the primary features of is the ability to access case records. By entering specific details, users can retrieve comprehensive information about ongoing and closed cases. This includes the case docket, court orders, and any relevant documents filed during the proceedings. This feature is invaluable for attorneys, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding the history and progress of a case.

  4. Monitoring court proceedings offers a convenient way to stay informed about court proceedings. Users can search for upcoming court dates and view the scheduled events for a particular case. This is particularly useful for parties involved in a case, as it allows them to stay updated on the progress of their own matters. Additionally, this feature enables attorneys to efficiently manage their caseloads and plan their appearances accordingly.

  5. Party information and notifications The platform provides detailed information about the parties involved in a case, including their names, addresses, and attorneys. This information is crucial for individuals who are parties to a case or those who need to locate specific individuals involved in legal matters. Furthermore, allows users to sign up for notifications, ensuring they receive updates on any changes or developments in their selected cases.

Conclusion: is a powerful tool that empowers Missourians by providing easy access to the state's legal system. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive case records, and convenient court monitoring features, this online platform enhances transparency and promotes efficiency in legal proceedings. Whether you're a legal professional or an individual seeking information about a case, is your go-to resource for all things related to Missouri's legal system.


  1. Is available for all Missouri courts? Yes, covers all state courts in Missouri, including circuit courts, appellate courts, and the Supreme Court of Missouri.

  2. Can I access from outside Missouri? Yes, is accessible from anywhere, allowing users to search for Missouri court records even if they are located outside the state.

  3. Are all case records available on While aims to provide comprehensive access to court records, certain sensitive information may be restricted or redacted in accordance with privacy laws and court rules.

  4. Is there a fee to use No, is a free service provided by the state of Missouri, ensuring equal access to legal information for all users.

  5. How often is the information on updated? The information on is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in court cases. However, the frequency of updates may vary depending on the specific court and case. Mo (2024)
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