How does Larry Bird's net worth compare against his archrivals, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson (2023)

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson all had some serious hatred for each other in their careers. This is because they had to play against each other and are arguably the three best players who have ever played the game.

Despite that, the three showed some respect to each other from time to time.

Michael and Bird always had some beef, but Jordan did show his love and support for him when Larry retired:

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“Larry, I hear that you’re retiring,” Jordan said via Basketball Network. “Thank goodness. I’m glad. I’m tired of seeing your face. You brought a lot of sad memories for me. I enjoyed it and I wish you a lot of luck and I think you had a great and wonderful career. You ruined a lot of my successful games against the Boston Celtics.”

Johnson has made it known in the past that Bird was one of the toughest players that he ever played against.

“When I played, Larry Bird was the only one I feared,” Johnson said via ESPN. “A lot of Black guys always ask me, ‘Did Larry Bird really play that good?’ I said, 'Larry Bird is so good it’s frightening.'”

Magic also said this about who his biggest on-court rival was:

“It’s no question: Larry Bird. We’re linked together forever,” Johnson said. ... Their rivalry began before either of them had made it to the NBA in the ’80s. They played each other — Johnson for Michigan State University and Bird for Indiana State University — in the NCAA championship, which Michigan won.
“Whoever thought that game in 1979 — this is over 40 years ago — would still be the No. 1-watched college basketball game in history?”
How does Larry Bird's net worth compare against his archrivals, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson (8)

Larry Bird’s NBA career earnings compared to Michael Jordan's and Magic Johnson's

In Larry Bird's long NBA career, he made $24,070,000, which was a lot of money when he played.

Michael Jordan made great money in his career, but it's nothing comparable to what the players in these days make. Jordan made $93 million, and at the time, he was typically one of the NBA's highest-paid players.

Magic Johnson made more than Bird, but less than Jordan. With NBA career earnings of $39 million, Johnson also found himself as one of the league's highest-paid players during his time.

These three being at the top of the league in terms of how much they made isn't a surprise.

How does Larry Bird’s business investments compare to Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson?

Although Larry Bird made the least amount of money of the three, his investments were smart and made him lots of money. Bird is involved in real estate and owns his own restaurant and a hotel.

It has been reported that Bird currently has a net worth of about $75 million. This number, however, is still lower than Michael Jordan's and Magic Johnson's net worth.

Jordan has one of the highest net worth's in the entire world. Due to his affiliation with Nike through Jordan Brand, he will have an income that will never see him with less than a $1 billion net worth. It is reported that Jordan currently has a net worth of around $1.7 billion. That figure should only going to go up in the coming years.

Magic Johnson also has an impressive net worth of $620 million. Johnson was smart and decided to invest in franchises. It is reported that he has 30 Burger King restaurants, more than 12 24-Hour Fitness centers, a TGI Fridays and multiple Starbucks.

With these types of investments, he also won't have to worry about money anytime soon.

Although Bird had a successful career, these guys have more money than him. Money isn't always the definition of success, but Jordan and Magic are swimming in money.

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Who made more money Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? ›

Magic Johnson made more than Bird, but less than Jordan. With NBA career earnings of $39 million, Johnson also found himself as one of the league's highest-paid players during his time.

Who was more successful Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? ›

Larry Bird has 3 Championship, 2 Finals MVP, 3 Regular Season MVP, 1 Rookie of the Year, 1 Hall of Fame, while Magic Johnson has 5 Championship, 3 Finals MVP, 3 Regular Season MVP, 1 Hall of Fame.

Are Magic Johnson and Larry Bird friends? ›

"Thank you, Mama Bird!" - Magic Johnson recalls the time Larry Bird's mom invited him for lunch and told him he was her favorite basketball player. Since then, Magic and Bird became friends. Basketball fans worldwide witnessed Larry Bird and Magic Johnson's rivalry and friendship.

Who is the wealthiest basketball player of all time? ›

1. Michael Jordan Net Worth - $2.2 Billion. Viewed by many as the greatest player in NBA history, Jordan has turned his basketball acumen into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Who is the wealthiest basketball player? ›

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan is NBA's richest player with a humongous net worth of US$1.7 billion.

Who was a better defender Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? ›

The only aspect of the game in which the two truly differ was defense. Bird`s cutthroat competitive drive made him one of the best defensive players of his times. He was chosen three times for the NBA All-Defensive Team (while Magic was never chosen) and was considered as a tough and relentless defender.

Who is the best basketball player in NBA history? ›

At the top of my list is Chicago's very own Michael Jordan. Widely regarded as the greatest of all time, known for his incredible drive to do what it takes to win, Jordan has won six NBA championships, five MVP awards, ten scoring titles and is a 14-time NBA All-Star.

Who was better Larry Bird or Kobe Bryant? ›

As far as a direct comparison goes, Kobe Bryant won 2 more championships and Larry Bird won 2 more MVP awards. Both retired with 2 Finals MVP trophies to their name.

Did Larry Bird like Michael Jordan? ›

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest player in NBA history. Although he played in an era where friendships were a rarity, he managed to draw high praise from opposition players, including the great Larry Bird.

How does Magic Johnson feel about Larry Bird? ›

Magic Johnson admits to hating Larry Bird on the court, but he said he never felt that way about Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird will be forever linked. Their meeting in the epic 1979 NCAA title game was the beginning of a long-lasting rivalry that helped spring the NBA to a new level.

Are Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan friends? ›

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have been close friends for a long time now. Meeting during their time in the NBA, the pair now have several iconic moments together. The duo has faced each other in the NBA Finals, won the Gold medal as part of the famous Dream Team, and are still very close friends in their 60s.

Who was the first $100 million dollar NBA contract? ›

Howard then re-signed with the Bullets on August 5. He became the first player in NBA history to sign a contract worth more than $100 million; his seven-year contract was worth $105 million (equivalent to $196,000,000 in 2022).

How much money did Magic Johnson make? ›

How much money did Magic Johnson make during his playing career? The combined total of his NBA salaries over 31 years was about $40 million. That includes his salary for playing 13 seasons and his work as an NBA coach and executive.

How much is Magic Magic Johnson worth? ›

What is Magic Johnson's net worth? Per Celebrity Net Worth, Johnson is valued at $620 million. The vast majority of Johnson's wealth stems from his foray into various industries.

What was Larry Bird's salary? ›

Larry Bird's Salary

The Indiana-born player for the Celtics was the highest-paid rookie of the year with a $3.25 million, $650,000 per year, in a five-year contract. He was also the first player to earn 5 million dollars. Besides that, all through his Basketball career his earnings in the NBA was $24,070,000.

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